Trump-care, playing games with America’s Health.

Healthcare is expensive and complicated (who knew). Crafting of healthcare policy should be thoughtful, evidence-based and careful. Not treated like a political game or interest-driven money-grab. “One question experts are commonly asked is how the ACA — or its repeal — will affect health and mortality. The body of evidence summarized here indicates that coverage […]

Who needs a safety net?

Trump is proposing slashing not only global aid, CDC and research, but also major cuts to major domestic safety net programs– programs that my patients and real people (not people in the 0.001%) depend on. Programs like Medicaid, CHIP, SNAP and others are not only crucial, but life-saving for the young, the old, the poor […]

March for Science T-shirt

March for Science, Stand up for Truth, Resist Alt-facts. Whatever you want to call it, whatever rally-cry you respond to, we all should do something to fight for the world we believe in, small, big or anything in-between. Calling your senator, op-eds and perspective pieces, donating, volunteering to teach a science class for kids— many potential […]

Climate Denial

Climate change is real. The ‘debate’ over the science ended years and years ago, and really, it doesn’t actually matter if you ‘believe it’ or not. The world is already feeling the global impact, and tearing down the EPA and the other few positive steps we’ve taken is grossly negligent, malicious, arrogant and short-sighted. Continuing to engage […]

Facts. Important.

Alt-facts are not facts. Yes, sometime there is grey. But grey is not the same as knowingly bending the truth for your own convenience or because you like that answer better. Next time someone is making a decision about your health, ask yourself if you want decisions to be based on real evidence, science and facts, or on convenient […]

Insurance for “all”

The AHCA not only means tens of millions lose insurance, but also worsens the wealth gap. Republicans are “implementing the biggest transfer for wealth in our history, $600 billion gone from working families to the richest people and corporations in our country.” The bill improves the deficit picture only because it takes away more from […]