Trump-care, playing games with America’s Health.

Healthcare is expensive and complicated (who knew). Crafting of healthcare policy should be thoughtful, evidence-based and careful. Not treated like a political game or interest-driven money-grab.

“One question experts are commonly asked is how the ACA — or its repeal — will affect health and mortality. The body of evidence summarized here indicates that coverage expansions significantly increase patients’ access to care and use of preventive care, primary care, chronic illness treatment, medications, and surgery. These increases appear to produce significant, multifaceted, and nuanced benefits to health. Some benefits may manifest in earlier detection of disease, some in better medication adherence and management of chronic conditions, and some in the psychological well-being born of knowing one can afford care when one gets sick… Conversely, the data suggest that policies that reduce coverage will produce significant harms to health, particularly among people with lower incomes and chronic conditions.” — from the New England Journal of Medicine, a highly respected medical journal featuring evidence based medicine from thought leaders




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