Zika without boundaries

In case you all were distracted by all of Trump’s massive scandals in the past few weeks, a new Ebola outbreak has emerged in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Diseases know no boundaries, and we need thoughtful minds and dedicated resources to have a chance, not isolationism and sensationalism.

Cutting US global health funding, freezing and shrinking the CDC, and proposing massive cuts to US medical research funding at the NIH and other science organizations is stupid, shortsighted, and not how we protect ourselves.

Ebola outbreak and response: http://time.com/4784029/ebola-outbreak-congo/

CDC freeze and shrink: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2017/05/19/nearly-700-vacancies-at-cdc-because-of-trump-administration-hiring-freeze/?utm_term=.e05afa6164a9



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